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hey ruth sounds like you had a good kerela trip. the pics are great, spl sitting here in cold delhi those lovely warm pics are so appealing! wish i could be there...
i cant believe it is already your last day at office...i sure am going to miss working with you. before you came i was a bit apprehensive since you were a bit elder to our usual intern lot and also a professional to boot! i was expecting someone with a lot of airs but you were such a surprise! this is what i was thinking while drafting the formal one on colin's behalf. if i had to say something i would say the best part about you is being so open about our office and appreciating whatever is there and not grumbling about what is not! i really appreciate this trait of yours... had you been a grumpy, complaining sort i would had to deal with it! you actually took to us like a duck to water...now i know what ppl mean when they say that line :)
have a good trip and we will meet once you are back in delhi.


Hi Ruth,

i saw your snaps on kerala trip. it was really nice and i felt grateful to you. very nice to hear that you love the trip and food.

take care

Stuart and Margaret

WOW sounds great. Book a table for 3 Saturday night!! Love Mum & Dad xx

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